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About Ear Nurse Specialists

In the 1960's , chronic suppurative Otitis media (CSOM) was causing a large problem in communities especially in the isolated rural areas. Dishcarging ears were common and were often accepted as normal.  With vision and foresight, Sir Patrick Eisdell-Moore instigated the concept of the Mobile Ear Clinic, to help these children.  Nurses were specially trained to operate this service.   There are at present, over 50 nurses employed in the Ear Nurse  role, with many attaining the "Specialist Nurse" level. The role has grown over the years and so too has the knowledge and skill. There are now ENS's working in the Outpatient setting assisting with the workload and managing many ear conditions.

Special attributes of an Ear Nurse Specialist include:

  • In-depth knowledge of ear anatomy
  • Diagnostic and treatment ability
  • Referral to specialist services
  • Support for families
  • An understanding of conductive and sensori-neural hearing loss
  • Competency in otoscopy, microscopy, instrument use and aural toilet techniques
  • Empathy with different cultures
  • Enthusiasm, motivation,  relate well to children and their families
  • Ability to work autonomously

Links to other services are closely maintained within multi-diciplinary health teams, who within their own disciplines are involved in community education, therefore ensuring continuity of health "messages"

ENSG Members 

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Linda Akers
Linda Alexander
Sharyn Allen
Sarah Audley
Gaye Barkla
Tara Barrie
Karen Bennett
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Fleur Bolton
Margaret Boreham - Colven
Carol Brosnan
Jeannie Bruning
Kahn Bury
Suzie Cairns
Kate Calvert
Anne Carr
Deirdre Chitty
Anne Cleary
Margaret Couillault
Lorraine Crengle
Jean Dawson
Annemarie Dobson
Jane Dunton
Anne Egginson
Heidi Fields
Donna Garner
Karyn Glynn
Roz Grammer
Shannon Grant
Frith Gray
Heidi Field
Ian Fitzgerald
Maura Foley
Pauline Flynn
Sandra Foss
Itianga Frisbie
Diane Hamilton
Cathy Hanlon
Marie Harrison
Susan Hatch
Helen Hayes
Karen Higgins
Louise Howell
Jo Hyland
Marg Hunt

Jan Hutchinson
Vicki Jamieson
Barbara Kay
Judy King
Liz Kirkland
Radha Kuttan
Carol Lazarus
Anne Roberts
Theresa Leslie 
Heather McCaughan
Barbara Middleton
Margot Miller
Pip Mitchell
Hiria Nepe
Selene Nikora
Theresa O'Leary
Heather Oliver-Fuller
Chris Olsen
Ginny Opie
Amanda Pachoud
Lyn Penman
Bridget Pynenburg
Eunice Redmayne
Tracey Reid  
Kathryn Richards
Lynley Russell
Helen Ryan
Claudia Schotz
Tara Shiels
 Carolyn Spedding
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Heather Trask
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