Ear Nurse Specialist Training, Knowledge & Skills Framework


This document aims to be used as a guiding framework for all nurses who provide appropriate ear treatment/care within the whole population.
The framework will assist all nurses with development of the required skills and competencies in the management of aural conditions regardless of level of practice.
The goal for nursing management of patients with aural (ear) conditions across all levels of care is to be able to assess, diagnose, and treat, using skills and education acquired, enabling positive outcomes with the knowledge of referral for further care.
The framework can be used by all nurses as a tool to help you articulate how competencies are met when preparing your portfolio. Our more experienced senior Otology Nurse Specialists will be involved with the monitoring of assessments.
The KSF is intended to provide guidance and clarification of the otology nursing role to all nurses, administrators, consumers, and other health professionals.
The three levels of practice are:
Competent (all nurses): Proficient (some nurses): Expert (Few nurses)
Explanation of the levels are shown in more detail in the framework. The framework is designed to support an online Ear Assessment and Treatment Otology nursing course. Progression to a nationally recognized qualification is a priority.
The ENSG KSF subcommittee has worked closely with the Open Polytechnic development team over a long period. At this stage, August 2023 the outlook is favorable and members will be notified of outcomes. We continue to have ongoing help from several ORL hospital departments and Consultants as well as their society.
Please take time to digest the information.
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