Ear Nurse Specialist Training and Meetings

The 'orientation/training' of the registered nurse hoping to become a specialist in this field, was up until recently, provided by the ENSG (Ear Nurse Specialist Group). Currently this is 'on hold' while we organise our Skills and Knowledge Framework.

It is important to remember that adequate training is essential.  The ear is a sensitive area of the body, and the Ear Nurse Specialist Group is committed to a high standard of care, skill and competency within this specialty.  

For Training enquires  please email Jeannie Bruning at jeannie.bruning@bopdhb.govt.nz

Our next meeting is the 4th and 5th October in Hamilton, all enquiries to Marie Harrison at ensgsec@gmail.com

Accommodation in Hamilton is your choice of venue

If not a member but wishing to participate email our secretary Marie on ensgsec@gmail.com for information and registration