Ear Wax Removal

The nature, function and make-up of earwax/cerumen shows that this sticky secretion is not only of considerable clinical importance, but also a source of fascination!

The removal of earwax and subsequent improvement of hearing can be one of the most important clinical experiences.

Earwax often blocks hearing aid moulds causing unnecessary difficulties to those whose hearing.

(For appts at a private  Ear Clinic please see the section Private Ear Nurse Clinics)

One must never consider it an ordinary, unimportant routine treatment. The removal of cerumen/wax can be difficult, and the procedure has to be explained.

As Ear Nurse Specialists we do not advocate syringing of the ear for wax removal. Serious damage to hearing can occur sometimes with ear syringing, and it is thought to cause tinnitus in some people. The Ear Nurse Specialist removes wax under direct microscopic vision, with the use of instruments, or suction. There is a high amount of knowledge and expertise required and to  be carried out safely, one must be suitably trained and qualified nurse or doctor.

Please Note: The Ear Nurse Specialist Group supports the view of safe practice for aural procedures. Otology is a specialty area of nursing requiring credentialled expertise.  Be aware of unqualified personnel!